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Aerostar Servicing Corp is a comprehensive and detail oriented business. We take care of clients globally, helping them recover their financial lives. Aerostar is a one-of-a-kind professional servicing company dedicated to helping those with financial difficulty. Are you in a stressful situation? Do you have more liabilities than you can count? We help you stabilize your finances to get back into control.

Our clients are our #1 priority.

Debt Solutions

Whether you're facing a short sale, have a foreclosure date set already, are behind on your mortgage payment are upside down in your mortgage or are thinking of walking away from your home or investment property we will work hard to try and assist you.

Our Bases include:

  • Real estate service
  • Hard money lending
  • Home loan delinquency
  • Sponsored loans
  • Stop foreclosures
  • Equity lending
  • Short sale
  • Asset lending
  • Whole sale real estate
  • Bridge loans
  • Property management
  • Attorney available
  • Property c.m.a. Assistance with
  • Bankruptcy
  • Commercial buy/sell. Tax liens
  • Mortgage servicing
  • Land lord/ Tenant Evictions
  • Estate sale
  • Probate Management
  • Credit repair
  • Credit consolidation
  • And more!


Robert R.

West Palm Beach, FL
We are sorry that we doubted your professional help. Thank you Aerostar for saving our marriage, our credit , our home and our lifestyle.

Scott P.

Manhattan, NY
I was a mess, my bills were piling up and my house was in jeopardy. Things were not going well at all. I saw an add and I called. Their hospitality and skill in talking about my problems was amazing. They were very professional and they were able to help me get into a positive position. I felt secure. Aerostar Servicing I want to thank you for changing my life.

Lisa D.

Suffolk, NY
I was looking for a good lawyer and thought that I had found one. I thought that by the way he was talking he would be able to help me. In three months I talked to him twice. He said that everything was ok. He never did my modification, he never negotiated for me. He told me that he would not be able to help me and wasted so much time. My home was in foreclosure and my car was about to be repossessed. I ran into a friend and she told me about Aerostar Servicing Corp. She told me that they helped her in a way that she couldn't believe and also let her make payments. So I called them and it was like she said they were caring and honest and professional. Better than a Lawyer they made me feel like family. They took care of my circumstances and I felt relieved. Thank you Aerostar Servicing!

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If you are having financial hardship you have come to the right place. We will make you feel at ease and in no time you can enjoy life once again. Contact us using the button below for our free expert advice. Our call service center will help you with any questions you may have at (888) 803-3284.

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We're proud to provide our expert services to clients throughout the world. Helping people recover and become more financially stable is a responsibility we proudly carry.